With the world changing and more businesses going online no wonder 40% of business owners are now using WordPress as there go to website CMS of choice.

With a huge ecosystem that has been built around this CMS system with a variety of plugins and themes to choose from there is an abundance of options to create and bring your new website to life.

With a lot of well-known brands and companies now using WordPress and WooCommerce as their main website CMS bringing the number to over 40 million websites worldwide using this and with a 64.5 percent market share of the CMS market gives you confidence you are making the right choice and taking the right step to get your website on the best CMS on the planet.

To benefit your business even more the CMS comes with one of the best blog platforms on the web so posting on a regular basis will also help your website traffic also.

With many websites having been created during the Covid19 pandemic this is a trend that is not going away and is still on the rise.

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